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A Women's Retreat for Eating Disorder Professionals

February 28 - March 1 in Tyler, Texas


join us for a weekend of restoration, professional growth and personal exploration.


how to bring your unique self together with evidence-based practices in order to facilitate and empower your client’s healing journey.


with renewed purpose and passion, new ideas and tools, including a resource e-notebook, and a sense of shared community to take with you going forward.


Who is this retreat for?

For those committed to working with clients struggling with eating disorders and body image issues, this retreat offers restoration and renewal in a community of providers sharing the same passion.  In our circle of female providers, we look forward to integrating the wisdom of the experienced with the energy and curiosity of the new as we nourish ourselves both personally and professionally. All provider types are welcome, especially therapists and dietitians working with eating disorders.

When and where is this retreat?

We will begin on Friday midday, February 28th and finish up on Sunday afternoon, March 1st. We’ve selected High Hill Farm just outside of Tyler, Texas for this retreat and it’s nothing short of magnificent. Just a short two hour drive from Dallas, this location is quite serene and luxurious. There are accommodation selections for everyone plus all meals prepared by an onsite chef to meet everyone’s tastes.

Here's what our 2019 retreat attendees have said...

Self-nurturing is far more than pampering.
It is about returning home to your heart.

Real speak from the leaders...

People who know me, know I love to learn! I attend seminars and webinars all the time and I value my rational brain knowledge. I know, however, that my deepest growth and learning has come through retreat settings where I connect with others in a safe setting. I believe that in doing our own work, while learning, that we will know at a soul level how to help others.

The work we all do is both exciting and exhausting.  I wanted to create an experience, alongside my dear friend and respected colleague Carol, that allows us all to explore, learn and grow in a safe setting where we can be vulnerable, be supported and be restored in a community of other professionals. 

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